Ang Li

  • Bio: Ang Li obtained her PhD from the Transportation Engineering Program, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at University of California Berkeley in 2023. She is advised by Prof. Mark Hansen. Ang was also a researcher in the National Center of Excellence in Aviation Operations Research (NEXTOR), and Safe Transportation Research and Education Center (SafeTREC). Her research areas focus on Unmanned Aircraft Systems Traffic Management (UTM), regional Air Traffic Management (ATM), multi-modal transportation network, last-mile parcel delivery, advanced air mobility, mechanism design and resource allocation problems, using operations research and machine learning. Ang has collaborated with NASA and co-developed the new course ‘Aviation Data Science’ taught at UC Berkeley. She is the recipient of the Best Paper Award from the Integrated Communications, Navigation and Surveillance Systems (ICNS) Conference in 2021. Ang also receives the Robert Wadell Endowed Fellowship for Engineering Innovation in 2022. Outside of school, Ang enjoys ballroom dancing, oil painting, downhill skiing, hiking, and swimming. Ang is also a multidisciplinary musician, playing the Guzheng and piano.
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