Frank Ketcham

  • Bio:

    Airline Captain (current full-time position) and Commercial Aviation Specialist at University of California, Berkeley School of Engineering (part-time). Over thirty years’ experience and 20,000 hours flying for regional, major and global airlines. Experience with Unmanned (UAV/UAS) systems. Extensive FAR Part 135 and Part 121 flight operations experience.

  • Additional Qualifications:

    Airbus A350/A330/A320 FAA Type Rating FAA Airline Transport Rated Pilot, ATP FAA Airline Dispatcher Rating FAA Advanced Ground Instructor Flight Engineer Rating B-747, DC-10, B-727 Commercial Glider rating Commercial Seaplane rating Extensive FAA Part 135/Air Taxi experience FAA Remote Pilot Rating Certificate (FAA 107) EAA Member and Owner/Builder of Vans RV-14A Aircraft Chief Pilot, Director of Safety and Operations UAV/UAS UC Berkeley heavy lift FlyG Physics Project

  • Education

    BA Economics UC Davis

    MBA University of Maryland R.H. Smith School of Business