Lu Dai

  • Bio: Dr. Lu Dai holds a Ph.D. and M.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from UC Berkeley, with minors in Machine Learning and Statistics. She was advised by Prof. Mark Hansen, and was a researcher affiliated with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and the National Center of Excellence in Aviation Operations Research. Her research broadly focuses on developing data-driven learning algorithms and statistical models to solve real-world problems. She has collaborated with NASA, FAA, Lawrence National Lab, and ATAC Corporation on multiple research projects covering air traffic management, aviation safety, network modeling, urban transportation planning, system performance and reliability. Her dissertation research on Data-Driven Real-Time Predictive Risk Intelligence for Go-Arounds has been included in the NASA Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program in 2021. Dr. Dai was named by MIT as the “Rising Stars in CEE” in 2021, and is the recipient of the FAA Young Scientists Grant (2018), the Robert P. Wadell Fellowship for Civil Engineering Innovation (2019 – 2021), as well as several Best Paper Awards from international conferences (ICRAT, ATM & RD seminar). She is now a research scientist with Meta Platforms, Inc. to help people connect in the metaverse.
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