MECENG 136U / 236 – Introduction to Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

This mezzanine course introduces students to the control of uninhabited aerial vehicles (UAVs). The course covers modeling and dynamics of aerial vehicles, and common control strategies. Virtual laboratory exercises allow students to apply knowledge on a real system, by programming a flight controller to control a UAV. This course is complemented by hardware laboratories in ME136HW and ME236HW. At the end of the course, a student will be able to model a UAV, and apply a feedback control strategy to perform autonomous flight.

CIVENG 260D – Data Science in Aviation

The course is centered around analyses of a set of aviation data sets and will enable the students to become familiar with data science applications to aviation. Aviation topics to be covered include fundamentals of air traffic control, models of aviation operations, aircraft trajectory prediction and optimization, data sources in aviation, overview of data science methods, role of data science in solving problems in aviation operations such as conflict detection and resolution, traffic flow management, arrivals management and surface operations, airline operations, fuel efficiency, global aviation.