Attended 2022 International Conference on Research in Air Transportation (ICRAT) Conference

AIR lab researchers attended and presented at the 2022 International Conference on Research in Air Transportation (ICRAT) Conference, held June 19-23, 2022, at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida, USA. ICRAT is an established event in Air Transportation Research with a global outreach, alternating yearly with the USA/Europe Air Traffic Management (ATM) Research and Development (R&D) Seminar. ICRAT is a forum particularly encouraging young researchers (and their mentors) within air transportation to share their work, expand their professional network, practice scientific dissemination, gain new inspiration, and discover the new challenges confronting society and the market to adopt mobility in a time of critical ecological debate. PhD students advised by Prof. Mark Hansen, Ang Li, Ke Liu, Kaijing Ding, Shriya Karam presented their recent work at the conference. The conference papers are available as follows. Scenario-based Strategic Flight Reassignment in Multiple Airport Regions. Ang Li, Mark Hansen. Excess Delay from GDP: Measurement and Causal Analysis. Ke Liu, Mark Hansen. Benefits of Shifting Passenger Traffic from Air to Rail, A Case Study of California High-Speed Rail. Kaijing Ding, Lu Dai, Mark Hansen. AIMing for Equity in Aviation Accessibility: Development of the Aviation-accessibility Integrated Mobility (AIM) Metric. Shriya Karam, Stephanie J. Nam, and Megan S. Ryerson.

2022 Future of Aviation Conference

Hosted by UC Berkeley in partnership with Caltrans Division of Aeronautics and Division of Research, Innovation, and System Information. The Future of Aviation Conference facilitated a lively dialogue among public-sector organizations, private companies, non-governmental organizations, and educational institutions. In addition, this conference provided a venue to network with colleagues and friends who are also passionate about the future of advanced air mobility policy and research. Prof. Raja Sengupta held the Public Sector Perspectives on Advance Air Mobility(AAM) session. The panel featured public sector perspectives on planning and implementing AAM. Public sector thought leaders discussed institutional readiness, opportunities and obstacles, emerging practices, and considerations to help public agencies integrate AAM in their communities. Prof.Mark Hansen held the session: Region Air Mobility: Opportunities and Challenges for Rural Communities for Rural Communities and Small Airports. The session explored the use of AAM for intraregional use cases of up to a few hundred miles that occur within or between urban and rural areas, including: • What is regional air mobility; • Potential impacts, opportunities, and challenges of regional air mobility; • Planning considerations and infrastructure needs to prepare rural communities and small airports for regional air mobility; • Considerations for small airports and rural communities working with other key stakeholders, such as aircraft manufacturers and service providers.